I am Kyle Roucis (pronounced Rooshis). I am an avid programmer, gamer, and game designer with specialization in iPhone and Mac programming. Over the years I have developed my own particle engine, physics engine, rendering engine, game engine, 3D math library, iPhone games, and many other side projects.


My latest solo project “Last of CLAVIUS is now available for FREE on the App Store! Go check it out and spread the word! I built everything myself and it took me about 8 months to complete as a part-time effort. Please check out the “EXTRAS” menu to see a message from me and send me feedback.


About Me

Programming Languages:
Swift, Objective-C, C#, Elixir, Java, C++

Scripting Languages:
Python, Lua, Ruby

APIs and Libraries:
iOS, Cocoa, OpenGL / OpenGL|ES, Android SDK & NDK, Unity3D, Phoenix Framework, Unreal Engine 4

Game/Software Engineer

Degree Program:
Bachelor’s of Innovation

BI in Computer Science
BI in Game Design and Development

E-mail:                                                GitHub:

   kyle@kyleroucis.com                          kroucis                                      

Steam ID:                                           Screen Name:

   audiblescholar                                   Grimless, keidji

Twitter:                                               Twitch:

   @kroucis                                            grimles

LinkedIn:                                            Résumé:

   Kyle Roucis                                        Kyle Roucis Résumé 2016.pdf

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