With Unity gaining so much popularity and a single-man effort on Syzygy, it’s time to face the music: Syzygy has been officially retired. While I am proud of my accomplishments and how much I have learned, it is nothing more than a toy now. RIP Syzygy 2013.

In my free time I have been developing a Cocoa-based game engine with the goal of rapid prototyping.  It has been an arduous but amazingly valuable journey so far.  I have a primitive renderer, SAT collision detection, passable collision resolution, game logic hooks, a console messaging system, and some other fancy features.  I’m still stuck on getting proper spatial collision culling working, learning shaders and how to enable them, and resting contacts for the physics engine.  I have learned an incredible amount from this and, although it may seem like I am biting off more than I can chew, I feel that this project has been one of the most valuable experiences in the games industry that I have had to date.  If you are interested in the engine or have any advice about engine design that you would be willing to part with, please drop me a line at grimless@kyleroucis.com

Syzygy has been moved to it’s own page!  I will post updates on the engine there, so keep an eye out.

Cocoa, Objective-C, Xcode, Interface Builder

Syzygy Game Engine

iSayz is a fast paced game utilizing the unique inputs of the iPhone; straining the player’s reflexes, intuition, and hand-eye coordination.  Originally conceived to be a “training” application for new users to familiarize them with the inputs of iPhone and to recognize the varied functions of other applications. Available in the App Store FREE  Website: iSayz

iPhone OS, Objective-C, Xcode


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As cool as *I* think Clockwork is, it’s become apparent that this is very much a pet project that is unlikely to make an impact in today’s market.  So, with sadness, Clockwork is being shelved until I have the capital to waste on personal endeavors.

iPhone OS, Objective-C, Xcode

Codename: Clockwork

iPhone Projects

I decided Ruby is too much fun not to have a project leveraging its flexibility. Enter MUDPunk: a MUD built in Ruby on Rubinius and Event Machine. The MUD engine for it is OSS and available on my GitHub page HERE.

Ruby, YAML, EventMachine

“Clavius Crater, Earth's Moon. The last of humanity's outposts is in under siege from a giant robot army. Hope is gone, but we must try to survive.

Frantically tap to fire back at the oncoming waves of robot enemies! Don't let them destroy the last of humanity's bases on the Moon. Armed with modular plasma cannons and a shockwave generator, CLAVIUS's last hope is YOU! Pick up components to temporarily upgrade your plasma cannons. Last as long as you can and fight back against the horde of robots!”


  1. Fast-paced and frantic gameplay.

  2. Powerful Pickups that augment your cannon’s abilities.

  3. Varied nefarious robots bent on destroying CLAVIUS.

  4. Shake-to-active Shockwave that knocks back nearby enemies.

You can watch Last of CLAVIUS’s development on my YouTube channel (Big Byte Studios).

iPhone OS, Swift 2, Xcode, SpriteKit, GameplayKit, GameCenter, (Mac OS X, and @TV TBD)

A mobile version of sutysisku, intended to pull data from jbovlaste and present an easy-to-use, iOS native lojban dictionary.

iPhone OS, Swift 2, Xcode, Core Data

Mobile jbovlaste